Monday, February 7, 2011

Cannonball Press makes a landing

It has come to our attention that there is a super-fantastic print show of amazing proportions and remarkably affordable prices just downstairs from Pickwick, in the SPACE Gallery!

Do your print-happy self a favor and grace your eyeballs with the gleam of black on white, slick and wild woodcut imagery as executed by the deadly skills of the folks of Cannonball Press. For those who can ill-stand the thought of walking away from these monochromatic lovelies once an introduction has been made, please be aware that the 18" x 24" prints are a mere $20 each. I know, I wouldn't believe me either. Better go see for yourself.

* * * * *
Burn the Lot: Splinter Heads, Nut Mobs & Ballyhoo
Friday 02.04.2011 through Thursday 03.24.2011

Neo-Pagan World Kings of scruffy pirate black and white hillbilly printmaking Cannonball Press return to Portland for a wild-ride print show extravaganza, with limited-edition prints, woodcut collages, and more.

Cannonball Press is run by Martin Mazorra and Mike Houston. Based in Brooklyn, NY, they've been publishing relief cuts and screenprints since 1999, selling them for $20 each. Around 2004, in addition to publishing, they started to make large-scale collaborative woodcut prints, sculptures and installations. Their work has taken them to Estonia, South Africa, Maui, Germany, Denmark, and numerous U.S. cities. In 2009 Mike and Martin were named US Artists Ford Fellows. They aim to make good prints people can enjoy and afford, adding some small chapter to the rich history of printing (namely, the scruffy black and musky-pirated hillbilly chapter).

The show will feature a huge new pile of limited-edition $20 prints by the likes of Dusty Herbig, Angela Earley, Drew Iwaniw, Sarah Nicholls, Tyler Krasowski, and Donna Diamond.

Also, Martin and Mike will premiere their new supersized woodcuts depicting the capitalist wasteland, as seen through the lens of a carnival for the ages. Mega carny prints on canvas!

The Cannonball Mission is a simple recipe:

The Cannonball Print: A down-home dish that is tasty hot or cold. For low-fat version,

substitute another printing press, because these things will put meat on your bones!

1 lurking artist

1 one-eyed master-printer

1 idea

5 cups backwater goo

6 spoonfuls of jumpstart and holler

9 lbs. mess with your face

1 bottle Tickle-My-Fancy

6 smatterings kick-ass juice

1 handful of Fine Art

Preheat idea in Oven of Rock. Make sure color is off! Allow images to gestate and contort

at will. When mysterious, funny or twisted, remove and slap on table. Add all ingredients,

and beat and cut until smooth and hot. Do not add Fine Art at this point. Add master-printer,

work him into a steady boil, edition. Throw Fine Art in trash. Sign and Serve.

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