Sunday, January 30, 2011

An introduction

While we muster our resources to give you a running report of what the dickens we are up to, we might as well get some of the housework out of the way. That includes the basic preliminaries -- who we are, what we do, and similar pertinent details. Future posts will be of a less lofty, more perspicacious and perhaps even sprightly nature, or so it has been rumored.

Pickwick Independent Press mission statement:
It is our intention to empower print makers and artists to use Pickwick's facility to promote and support their ideas and practices. With our key-holder members we will collaborate on a variety of events including workshops, open studios, editions, and group exhibitions. We will work together to seek out other presses and print collectives around the nation to build networking opportunities. And we will work together to develop and explore income generating opportunities for the shop and its members.

What Pickwick Independent Press is offering:
Press access that includes intaglio, wood block, and letter press. Non-Press processes that we provide equipment for include silkscreen and basic paper making. We have large work surfaces, meant for both clean and messy processes, paper storage, minimal screen and or photo sensitive plate storage, personal item storage and dedicated wash down and darkrooms. We will provide selected materials such as inks and solvents, and other miscellaneous necessities. Once we have defined the needs of our members we will have a small in-house supply store where members can purchase specialized printmaking materials. We provide free WIFI, roof deck access, kitchen, and wood shop facilities. Members may also choose to purchase a page on our website for a onetime fee.

Where is Pickwick Press?
Pickwick Independent Press is a fine art printing facility in the heart of downtown Portland Maine. The press is located in the Artist Studio Building, a community of 35 active professional artists. Our website is

What? I need more information!
For more information, contact Lisa Pixley, Pickwick Founding Member, in any one of a number of ways:

Pickwick Independent Press
Artist Studio Building
536 Congress St
Portland, Maine 04101



or visit us online for application forms and more at

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