Friday, September 23, 2011


We hauled out our presses to the street and made ANALOG TWEETS. Strangers filled out "tweet" forms with clever/ witty phrases, we printed them, hung them up the side of the artist building and had so much fun.

Thanks to everyone who came to watch, submitted tweets, our crew of amazing volunteers (the young aspiring MECA printmakers) and everyone that helped out! And of course thanks to SPACE gallery for making the event happen.

Also check out this great video of Block Party, 2011 - Portland Maine from Andrew DeVecchio on Vimeo.

Our first two tweets

Pickwick disassembled and brought down our giant press for printing the tweets and the little press for printing customized t-shits

We carved our own wood type

Kris Johnsen and DIane Ferdinand printing some shirts

Setting up the jig for the type

We took out the bed of the press and ran the jigs with the type strait through the two rollers

LIsa Pixley is driving the fun train


All photographs © 2011 IRINA A. SKORNYAKOVA